Japan Private Travel

About Us

Munchina offers a wide range of our own specially designed tours through Japan – these can be trade or sport specific, but we specialise in particular in educational tours.

We draft the itinerary for your private trip ourselves, and then work to make it become reality. This is one of the things that make Münchina's tours special - you book directly with the tour's creator.

Any tour that you choose to take with us will always have a unique itinerary that cannot be found on offer by any other travel agency or tour provider.

Our staff, on hand to support you as you travel, will really add to your Japanese experience.

All of our employees have lived in Japan, studied in Japan, and worked for Japanese companies.

Take two of our employees as examples, Thomas Schmid and Xiao Yun Liu.

Thomas has spent much time in Japan - he once even lived in a Shingon Buddhist temple in Tokyo. He has also acted as an official, helping with the mayoral elections in Omiya. He studied Japanese studies, with a minor in Chinese studies, in Munich and Sugamo (in Tokyo).

Xiao Yun is also passionate about Japan. She received several scholarships from the Japanese Ministry of Education and first graduated in Shanghai with a literature degree. Her next degree was in Japanese, which she started learning as a complete beginner. She then completed an MBA at Josai University in Saitama, Japan.

So, when you embark upon a tour with us, be it one of our special themed tours or one of our educational tours, you will learn about so much more than merely the difference between a temple and a shrine!

Travel with a verified company and enjoy a high quality and safe trip with complete peace of mind.