Japan Private Travel

Hokkaido, Ainu and Volcanoes

10 Days and 9 Nights in Japan

Fascinating winter journey taking you from snow-covered Hokkaido, Japan's most northern district, down to the Pacific Ocean.

You will use Japan's superior rail network to travel over 1.500 km, including the latest lightning-fast Shinkansen high speed trains, appreciating the country's landscape and learning about its history as you travel.

Your journey will be an amazing experience in itself - you will experience the wonders of world record breaking engineering when you travel by train under water, and will travel across National Parks by boat and by train on a rope and rack railway.

Visit the International Snow Festival in February, a village home to indigenous Japanese people, and climb up smoking volcanic vents, before taking time to enjoy one of the hot Onsen baths that can be found there.

Overnight accommodation will range from stylish Ryokans in Hokkaido to luxurious 5 star hotels, located directly on the sea front.

9.800,- € per Person, double occupancy

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