Japan Private Travel

Private, Educational Travel Experience

Private travel by Münchina offers you an educational and private travel experience.

From the start of your trip you will have your very own english speaking guide to support you on your Japanese adventure, who will be able to look after your needs as you go.

For example, they can meet you at the airport, accompany you to your hotel, check you in, reserve you a table at a top restaurant or book you a seat on a high-speed train.

It will be their responsibility to take care to ensure that any special needs that you have are met. Your guide will also take you to visit areas that are usually unseen by tourists, for example the cultural heritage sites of Kyoto, Osaka's version of urban living or Tokyo's unique private residential area.

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A range of tours

Japan offers you a thousand years of history and a variety of beautiful and changing landscapes - from hot summers to arctic winters, scenes of beautiful cherry blossom to those of golden autumnal forests, Japan is a country of contrasts.

Any private tour that you choose to take with us will be designed to show you fascinating aspects of Japanese culture, society, religion and history. Furthermore, tours can cover contrasting regions; you could choose to spend some of your tour hiking in a fresh Alpine-like valley, before later exploring the hidden streets of a bustling city, or taking a historic pilgrimage in the South.

When travelling with your personal tour guide, you will discover the fascinating peculiarities of Japan, while learning about the contextual history of the places that you visit. Your private guide will always be at hand to help to acquaint you with your surroundings - for example, showing you what's on offer in the direct vicinity of your hotel or explaining to you the meaning of written or spoken Japanese.

Key points of all tours

  • Private tours - guaranteed to take place, and starting whenever you want
  • Personal Münchina tour guide
  • Excellent restaurants, situated in architecturally magnificent surroundings
  • Prices listed are per person, based on two sharing (Single travellers are also welcome, but a single person supplement will be payable)
  • Tours arranged to depart when you want, to last as long as you want, and to match your interests
  • High level of support and advice available for you both at your destination and from us at our office
  • Courses tailored to your interests available on request